Jason Patterson

Head Coach / Director

Jason Patterson is a native of Washington D.C. who has always had a passion for helping others struggling with behaviors, whether at home, school, or in the community. He experienced numerous challenges growing up, including being suspended and expelled from schools due to fighting. However, a youth boxing program changed his life, teaching him self-awareness, conflict-resolution skills, and a sense of belonging. He continued boxing as a semi-pro and on the US Army boxing team. Currently, Jason works as a middle school Principal and believes in fusing education and mental health with boxing principles to positively impact individuals of all ages. He has created a mentoring program to realize this vision.

Jorge Castañeda Jr.


Jorge Castaneda, Jr. is the Co-Founder and Executive Member of Fist of Gold. With the encouragement and support of his family and hard work and determination, he has taken his passion, Fist of Gold, from a make-shift area in his father’s garage to a 5,600 square foot gym. Jorge is a licensed coach with US Amateur Boxing.

Dianna Gutierrez


Dianna Gutierrez is a Fist of Gold Alumni and former 2005 Jr Olympic Gold Medalist and National Champion. She was also named USA Boxing's 2005 Female Athlete. Gutierrez represented USA in Tahiti in 2007 in a USA vs. Polynesia Tournament where she won the Gold medal. Dianna brings her extensive boxing experience to the youth and her hometown gym.