We are Fist of Gold Youth Center

It is the goal of Fist of Gold and its members to reach out to the youth in Pomona and surrounding communities, including at-risk and underprivileged kids. Building self esteem in youth through fitness, amateur boxing and community programs.


Fist of Gold gives special attention to young people. Cooperating with the City of Pomona California and local nonprofits like the YMCA and the Boys and Girls Club, Fist of Gold attempts to reach the youth who will benefit most from the programs. Students in the at-risk years of 8-18 have access to physical fitness training and a relationship with other students who are working hard to realize their potential. Grants and membership dues offset the cost of operations. Scholarships are available subject to eligibility.


Learning the technical side of boxing through determination and competition, young men and women challenge themselves to a new level of strength both physically and mentally. They learn skill, focus and perseverance, accumulating character-building determination. They walk a little taller, aim a little higher, and realize their dreams are within their reach.