BOARD OF directors

Meet The People Who Make This Possible

Many thanks to the past and present members of the community who have served on the board of directors!

Jorge Castaneda Sr.

Jorge Castaneda, Sr. was a well respected businessman and philanthropist in Pomona, California. His early passing in February, 2008, at the age of 60, left a big hole in Fist of Gold. He was a generous man who loved young people and believed that with a little guidance and training their future could hold great things.

Claudette Leever

Like every non-profit corporation, Fist of Gold relies on the vision and guidance of its directors. In 1997, Claudette Leever, a local community activist, became interested in the Castanedas’ efforts to develop the boxing program. Through her vibrant personality, hard work and unrelenting persuasion of her friends and community leaders, Claudette brought the program credibility and visibility.

Jorge Castaneda Jr.

Jorge, Jr., fills his father's legacy by the countless hours he spends at the gym overseeing the program and spending time one-on-one with boxers as they train. By his hard work, he reinforces the faith in the youth program his father helped to create.

Miguel Almaraz

Miguel Almaraz has resided in the City of Pomona for the past 30 years. Mr. Almaraz has worked for the non-profit sector for over two decades, specifically serving youth, young adults, (troubled adolescents), along with their families. His passion is to serve his community with excellence to allow minors and young adults to develop their character by offering them opportunities to grow via our coaching/physical activity. By doing so, it provides those that we serve the ability to unlock their most profound potential.

Juan Mata

Juan has 27 years of law enforcement experience. Boxing enthusiast and has been a board member here at Fist of Gold Inc. for approximately 17 years.

Roxxane Mata

A Pomona resident, has been a board member since 2016. Roxanne has been involved in the Pomona and Native American community.
Roxanne is strong believer in keeping youth off streets by providing support in participating/helping in community.

About Fist Of Gold

It is the goal of Fist of Gold and its members to reach out to the youth in Pomona and surrounding communities, including at-risk and under privileged kids.

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